Vantaggi per acquirenti e venditori

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+ Controllo & Pianificazione

  • Assicurati una percentuale del volume con contratti a lungo termine.
  • Pianificazione dei prezzi e della liquidità a 6 - 12 mesi.
  • Riduci il rischio di picchi di costo nei mercati spot.

+ Scalabile

  • Basato su un solido quadro giuridico.
  • Standard chiari su prodotti e qualità.
  • Creato per i controllori finanziari.

The Algo-Efficiency Engine for Apples


Collects world-wide data in real-time.​​​


Artificial Intelligence for apples: price and volume modelling.


Forecast and automatic execution.

Human Interface

Simple and easy to use user interface.

Two Areas. One Platform

1. Data Visualization

  • Graphs and values on worldwide apples and volumes.
  • Months-ahead forecasting of apples and trends.
  • Custom alerts to suggest actions and corrective responses.


2. Online Marketplace

  • Full online process for reservation, payment and logistics.
  • Marketplace is fully integrated with the Data Visualization.
  • All partners and transactions are controlled and certified.



Why SmartMele?

SmartMele uses BIG DATA technology to turn billions of DATA on Apples into INFORMATION that you can use immediately to create value.

SmartMele uses Artificial Intelligence technology to calculate future scenarios of prices and volumes of Apples.

SmartMele uses Digital technology to buy and sell Apples worldwide.

SmartMele is reliable, scalable and safe.

Which algorithm does SmartMele use?

SmartMele uses a proprietary algorithm, based on advanced machine learning techniques.

Will I be able to see exactly which apple I am buying/selling?

Yes! SmartMele uses apple industry standards and you will know exactly which calibre, size, color and more of the apples you are analyzing.

Does SmartMele support more fruits than apple?

For now, SmartMele focuses solely on apples.